Thursday, September 17, 2015

Meet Rosie {Our newest adopted puppy}

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We have soft hearts over here. Our girl Daisy was adopted into our family 3 years ago and we just adopted a new baby girl puppy we have named Rosie. When I find out that these sweet dogs are headed to the pound we just won't let it happen. It's really a great lesson on spaying or neutering your pets. Quite simply, while we love both our girls to pieces, they both were products of neighbor hood dogs running around without being spayed or neutered.

I'm not bashing the fact that the families who had these puppies because I know that the surgery does cost money and it seems like a fun idea to get a random litter of pups. However, we made sure to save up the cash and spay our Daisy as soon as we could and we are happy we did so.

Now for the story of how we fell in love with Rosie.

Meet Rosie a mix of Pitbull and Springer Spaniel

Monday I hear my back yard neighbor telling me she "had a puppy for me". I actually thought she was joking because it's not a typical line to hear. So I moseyed over to find the cutest little baby girl puppy. I fell in love instantly. 1. because she is cute and 2. because she looks to be the identical mix of breeds as our girl Daisy. Clearly Pitbull mixed with what looks to be Springer Spaniel. This sweet little puppy has kind eyes and a little spunk to her step. She instantly warmed up to me and I was hooked.

My husband got home from picking the boys up from school about the same time. I  wanted to have the same effect on my family that the neighbor had on me so I simply told them "I have something to show you". I didn't tell them what. I knew that as soon as they would see her we would have to take her home with us. I was not wrong.

Our neighbor had also grown a bit attached so I wondered if she would be willing to let her go. The story is that a neighborhood family had a litter of pups and another girl in the neighborhood had taken our puppy home. When she got home here grandfather refused to let her keep a second dog. So, they took it back to the home of the mommy and pups and were told that they could not take it back. Now we had this puppy with no home and so my neighbor took her in to care for her for a couple of days until she hopefully found a home. Sadly without that kind neighbor and our family she may have ended up at the pound. (Which absolutely breaks my heart!)

My neighbor told us to think about it overnight. She did not want us to make a decision based on emotion without weighing out the pros and cons. We discussed it at quite some length but my husband knew that I had already made up my mind.

We have been visiting the idea of a bearded dragon for months now. We have visited pet shops, watched YouTube videos and talked with many people who have had them as pets. However my eight year old son is just  a bit on the young side to handle such a responsibility. I have never had reptiles and was a bit turned off by the feeding and cage cleaning. But, I will say beardies are the cutest little reptiles that may still find a way into our home in the future. But the child who was sold on getting a beardie chimed in "If we get the puppy I won't keep begging for the bearded dragon!". We explained to him the amount of work a puppy is but he was also decided.

The next morning when I woke up I was excited as a little kid on Christmas. I rolled over and told my husband. "I want that puppy." And not more than a couple of minutes later my youngest son walked in and I asked him what he was thinking about with a big smile on his face at 6am. "That puppy".
Mommy and Rosie. 

The wait for my neighbor to come home that day was the longest wait ever. As soon as I saw her I ran over and told her that "I want that puppy" and I'm hoping that you haven't decided to keep her! :) She was overjoyed that I had decided to keep her because our family was perfect for this puppy.

I had explained to my boys that the neighbor may keep her and that we had to be ready to accept that as I dropped them off to school for the day. Then my husband and I picked up the puppy and brought it along in the car line for school pick up. The reaction when they saw her on my lap was priceless.

After we finished our happy tears we took a couple of pictures.
Rosie curled up on mommy's lap.

Yes, he was so excited the picture was blurry and the seat belt was incorrect. We made sure to fix that before we left the school parking lot. :) 

Full of happiness and excitement we went and picked out her first collar and leash as well as getting her a couple of fun new toys and a metal collar tag for making sure people know she is ours. And then it was home again to help big sister Daisy warm up to her new little playmate and sister Rosie.
Ezra loves his Daisy! He calls her "his girl". 
I was not worried about Daisy and her reaction to the puppy. She is a very gentle mannered and kind dog. Our little Ezra did tear up when he realized that "Daisy wasn't the only girl anymore". We have been very careful to give Daisy all the regular attention she loves and encourage their friendship.

Checking out the new toys.

We all had a great evening together playing and cuddling. We even had a successful first day with only one "half" pee accident. Over all I think that Daisy is pretty excited about her new baby sister.

 Daddy & Daisy in their regular cuddle spot with their new visitor. Daisy shared her space nicely.

While we always have a little bit of homework and dinner to make we still found time to play with our sweet new girl! 

The first night went pretty well. Mommy slept on the couch next to Rosie's kennel and I had the alarm set for every two hours to be sure I woke up to let her go potty. Well, Rosie made sure I was up every 1 1/2 hours instead. She had a very good night of going potty outside and then settling right back in to her bed. 

First thing in the morning Alex was happy to take her outside for her morning potty. Although he had to learn how to manage holding a wiggly pup and hanging onto a leash while opening the door. 

Mommy then had her first successful day at work with coming home every 1 1/2 hours to let her out to potty and play. We set up her kennel to face Daisy's kennel so they won't be lonely. I have noticed that now Daisy doesn't whine when she hears me come home if she has the puppy facing her in her kennel.

Last night went much better and we have settled into a nice routine. We do feeding 3 times a day, water when thirsty, play for 1 hour and sleep for 2 hours with the exception of nights when we sleep all night with potty breaks about every 2 hours.

I'm sure you will be seeing more adorable photos and videos as well as some puppy training woes. It's much like having a newborn at home without going through the labor. We couldn't be happier and love our little family so much! 

Friday, September 4, 2015

What are Christians Going to do About the Refugee Crisis in the Middle East?

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I'm so angry I don't even know where to begin. Learning to follow the news and stay current with events in the world have been a huge eye-opener for me. While we are worried about the new snack regulations at our local school district there are families hiking thousands of miles with their children on their backs. We need to wake up and DO SOMETHING. 

While our government chooses to continue in their preoccupation of finances and elections, rulers around the world have people walking up to their borders and then finding no rescue. More importantly than that, I expect politicians to have their thoughts fixated on themselves but what about the so-called Christians? Where are we? 

Being moved to tears as I watched thousands of refugees being crammed into trains in Budapest, Hungary I couldn't help but wonder what that living hell must be like. Then last night in my dreams I had a very small and mild glimpse into what that would look like for my family. I dreamed that we were packing up our belongings and I had to sort through my clothes and toys within minutes to pack up and leave.

I frantically sorted through piles of clothing realizing that only what we need was going to go along. Then I went to pack up my boys stuffed animals and had to leave most behind and knew that I would be hearing tears from the boys when they realized I could not bring them all. 

While those frantic moments were but a dream for myself I have to wonder what might be happening around the world. I have seen with my own eyes people that look just like us over here in America. Men who are freshly groomed, children with brightly colored clothing and Dora the Explorer backpacks, women who are too embarrassed to show their make-up smeared with tears. These are not nomads who are used to wandering in the desert. These are people who are like you and me and have simply become too terrified to continue life in their war torn country. 

Call me a fear monger, a radical or whatever choice word you have. But what makes you think that if we turn our backs that this will go away and we will never be on the receiving end of this? Do we think that police vs. people, a general hate towards Christian beliefs and a stock market that is unstable will not possibly lead down the same path? What makes us think that we may not have to flee our homes with what we can carry on our backs couldn't happen here in America? 

As I read the Bible and understand prophesy I realize that this is not the worst we will see. While Christians around the world are receiving what they understand to be tribulation to the worst degree we are sitting over here and not doing a damn thing about it.

While I understand that the world is a bad place and we are up against an evil that appears unbreakable we are given the power of the Holy Spirit if we will only tap into it. I am begging the Lord to show me how to reach these people around the world and praying that I am given an army to help rise up against them. While that army may only be thousands on our knees praying for these families to experience hope in the worst condition that is still better than worrying about our petty needs like where to put our retirement so we loose the least amount of money or how we are going to re-do our kitchen or when we are planning our next trip to Disney.

I am pleading that you all wake up and realize that we MUST read our Bible daily, seek the Lord in prayer and watch for the Lord to come soon.

1Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you:
2And that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men: for all men have not faith.
3But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil.
4And we have confidence in the Lord touching you, that ye both do and will do the things which we command you.
5And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ.
2 Thessalonians 3:1-5

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Why Should I start Blogging? A mom's candid response to her blog of 5 years

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It's hard to believe this blog has been around for 5 years now! The things that this blog has done for me is unbelievable. I went from a mom of two little guys who just wanted a "hobby" to a blogger turned photographer turned back into mommy. :)

I stumbled upon the world of blogs while hanging outside the bedroom door of a baby boy needing to settle himself back to sleep. I remember clearly rocking my sweet baby to sleep and browsing online for anyone else who may also be forgoing sleep to tend to a baby. Fast forward 5 years and that sweet baby is now 5 3/4 years old and in school. Yes, my baby is in kindergarten and my oldest is in second grade. While I am thankful to have a bit of time back to myself I begin to miss the noise quite easily. Hence the fact that I'm revisiting this blog after being on hiatus for the past 6 months or more.

Blogging has been an interesting animal for me. While so many people have turned blogging into wonderful careers I have not seen that specific journey play out in my life. I remember furiously typing up the newest post complete with just the right photo and spending unhealthy amounts of time just to get a post out. I remember the pressure of completing just one more post to drive the numbers up. Boy do I wish I had a big "blogging" sister to whisper a gentle "slow down" in my ear.

When you look back you realize that things slow you down when they need to. Now, as I take my faith much more seriously I realize that the Lord was gently nudging me in the direction he knew best for my life. When you have to wait for your husband to complain about the amount of time spent on the computer or you have your two year old watching cartoons just so you can blog, you have a problem.

I'm a serious believer in everything happens for a reason. Especially when you are faith-driven you can look back at an entire string of events over a couple of years or a lifetime and see a bigger force than your mind is able to grasp. My string of events was mommy-hood, blogging, photography business started, marriage problems, a come-to-meetin'-with-Jesus, new-found excitement in the Bible followed by a realization that each day is a gift and writing about it with others could be a form of ministry. I told you it was a string of events! :)

With all that being said, I am seeking the Lord in prayer as to just what I need to share on here. If it's an easy family recipe to share with your neighbor, a word of encouragement to share with a young mom or just an outlet of worldly stress unloaded, my prayer is that it all be for the glory of the Lord Jesus.

Well, that's my reason for starting a blog... what is yours?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Did I promise a project 365?

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Life just happens sometimes and then you look back and realize that all the plans you intended on following through with just slipped out of your control. When you finally get the privilege of doing what you love for a job you begin to loose site of the things that you used to do to fill that void.

For me, I used to spend countless hours on Pinterest and baking and crafting and blogging all day long. Now, thankfully I am spending my days following leads on photography, editing, print ordering, meetings and designing. It's all pretty surreal and very scary at the same time. I left a job that I had been at for eleven years. A job that meant me going back to work when my boys were only six weeks old. Leaving my family every evening just to earn that paycheck, to pay the bills, that continued to add up.

This blog began as an escape for me. A way to channel my creativity and "get away from it all" without spending a dollar or leaving my home. But little did I know that this blog would be the lead-in to a career in photography and design. A way for me to learn what it means to develop my creativity and prosper in the gifts that God gave me.

With all that being said, now I have days when I don't want to "have to" pick up my camera. Day's off from my job, and that is photography and design. So hang in there and follow me to the next big chapter.

Today we enjoyed the first heavy snow of the year. Of course, mommy had to bring the camera along. after all, it wouldn't be fair if I didn't document my own family having fun!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Real Life: 2/365

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Today was a day that we stayed in, trying to avoid the FLU that is so rampantly spreading. It is also time to gather the receipts and finish up tax stuff for 2014. This is what our day looked like.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Real Life : 1/365

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As a photographer it's easy to get stuck in a rut, simply using the same lens, same settings and same concepts. Looking at my camera as the money maker, not a way to grow my passion. As I grow in my business I felt like this was the year to push it to the next level. Challenge myself to go beyond the paid clicks of the shutter and move into building my style into the next level.

As a mom I felt like it was important to reveal the truth on any given day, what I eat and drink, what the house looks like, what the children are wearing, playing with and doing. I have seen enough of the carefully planned out styled shoots and that is not my style. This is about gathering the information around me each day and making a point to pick up the camera and find the passion.

So welcome to my journey this year called Real Life: Project 365.
All images were taken with my Canon 60D + 85mm 1.8 lens, no flash