Sunday, July 17, 2011

Make a splash

Pin It  The dog-days of summer are here and going strong in the heart of eastern Iowa. I'm a lover of summer and all things related. There is something so amazing about sweating while just lying there and soaking up the sun, feeling as though you are being "baked" from the outside in. Summer to me is life in a bikini, time by the pool, plenty of grilling, a few good cookies and a fun indoor craft in the air conditioning when you reach the point of heat exhaustion. Today was that exactly.
Oreos outside on a day like today was a BAD idea, they were stale and melty in minutes.

Who needs a pool? They were emptying the large pool into little buckets.

Baby making his big splashes.
Our sea animal collection has to make an appearance every time there is water involved.
Clovers for mommy.
Fresh batch of Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies from
Ohhhhhhh soooooo good! And yes, that is an Oreo in cased in chocolate chip cookies.
Yes, you do have to make enough to share.
Dinner included a free can of Ranch style beans, Cheddar brats and hot, home-canned pickles. I'm truly loving the o-so-old-fashioned style print on the can of beans.
Brothers hugging are so sweet. This was big brother's idea for a picture too, I'm impressed. :)

Time for a craft. I promised Alex a craft after his baby brother went to bed. Promises are meant to be kept so I racked my brain for a quick, yet fun, activity to do. A Book! I love books, he loves books and he's been saying the cutest things lately. So, I decided to throw together a homemade book about one of his favorite topics and let him come up with the entire story. Brilliant. I'm thinking this will become one of a series of books. We started with a book about dolphins. We did this entire craft project in under an hour too. So, grab:
  • 1 piece of 12x12 Scrapbook paper
  • empty cereal box or whatever box that you have in your recycle bin
  • 3 sheets of printer paper
  • tacky glue
  • stapler
  • pens/pencils/colors
  • stickers
  • scissors

 Supplies and the smiling imaginative kiddo Alex.
The "hard back" is cut from a Rice Krispies box and folded in half to make a book size 6" wide x 7 3/4" high.
You can make the book any size you would like.
After cutting out the hard back for the book lay it on the scrapbook paper and pencil a line to cut to size.
Cut the scrapbook paper to appropriate size. I did this part myself because we were using adult scissors but if older kids are doing this they could do this part themselves.
Load up what will be the outside of the book with tacky glue.
Lay the glued side of the hard back down on the backside of the scrapbook paper to adhere, then flip over to rub out any bubbles caused by the glue.
I added this sticker to the front for the title and had him "sign" his name.
I lined all three sheets of printer paper on top of each other and then slid inside of the book to trace the edge of the cover for the correct size.
After tracing I cut just inside the line to make sure the pages didn't stick out of the cover.
Using a stapler, I stapled 6 times along the edge of the book cover going through the cover and all three pages.
Flip the book over and use a pen to press the staple backs into the cardboard a little to re-enforce.
Open the book up and press the front cover down to help make the book easier to open.
Write the story as the child tells you.
Draw in pictures to match the writing or have them draw and write. The entire book was sketched in about 15 minutes, that's why they aren't the fanciest drawings. :)

 Alex is super proud of his new book!

You can get as simple or as detailed as you want. You can easily adapt the size, story length, and number of pages as you want. If you are worried about the pictures showing through to the other side you could also use a thicker paper. Have fun making the cutest little stories!

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