Thursday, October 6, 2011

Featuring: Shiloh Farm Vintage Artiques

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Photo from Twila Lou of the hand painted sign she did!

I am so excited to do a post about my ever-so-talented Aunt Twila Lou who will be opening a super cool shop hopefully this spring. Just through a simple interview I'm going to give you just a few details about where she began and where she is planning to take this business.
Aunt Twila Lou with her grandson, photo found on Facebook.

What is the inspiration for your shop?
The inspiration for my shop comes from many places...tons of quaint, little shops that I have visited through the years, including the shop in Iowa, Sister's Garden, where you (Robyn) used to work.

What type of place/environment are you creating and why?
The place that I am creating will be whimsical, with so much to look at that people won't want to leave!!! I want a place filled with pieces that make people smile and give everyone the urge to create and decorate their home (because that is how I feel after visiting a cool shop or gallery).

What has been your favorite part of the project so far and why?
My favorite part of the project hasn't happened yet! Haha! Just getting the building stable, installing insulation, etc. isn't exactly fun. But, when I actually get to decorate with antique doors and other ideas floating around in my head...that will be my favorite part.

What is your vision for the final outcome?
My vision is to have a gallery with not only my own artwork, but that of my family and friends. I have so many talented relatives, such as my niece Robyn, whom I would love to give a venue for displaying their arts and crafts! That would give me so much joy, to see their items sell!!!

When are you projecting to be open for business?
I am hoping to be open for business by spring. There is still a lot to accomplish before this can happen, but I am determined to get this place totally ready by the time warm weather is here again.

What type of products will you be selling?
The type of products that I will have for sale will be wildly varied! I will have everything from unique painted furniture to vintage clothing.

Are you looking for artists and if so how can they "apply" or "interview" to see if they are the right fit?
Yes, I will always be looking for artists to add diversity to my shop. I will probably take just about any type of creation, and have a trial run of one year to see how their items go. They will be able to get a hold of me through my website, which is still being developed. I will post that website on my blog, when the time comes!

And now just a bunch of neat pictures from her home and shop. She is a talented designer who has taken an old farm house and out-buildings and turned them into the neatest cozy home and business space.
The awesome layout, pre-painting.
 Stunning paint job revealed:
Take a look inside the house and what she has done so far.
And the ceiling she has now installed ALL ON HER OWN! This lady can do it all!

 Awesome floor she taped out and painted herself.
 Cute breakfast bar chairs she hand painted.
 Fabulous lighting over the breakfast bar.
The great room and kitchen opened up is so neat!
The great original lighting in the dining room:
Such a neat place to gather surrounded by antiques!
 Master bedroom before:
 And after: So rich and cozy!
 The fireplace that she re-surfaced with neat stone pieces.
 And her ultra-cool and cabin feeling master bath. Stunning.
And some great old doors found on the property.
Twila Lou obviously has an eye for fabulous design and an appreciation for antiques and knows how to incorporate the two for an eye grabbing result. She is fairly new at the blogging world but wouldn't it be nice if you all stopped by her blog and took a look and follow so you can keep up with the progress!
Shiloh Farm- Vintage Artiques.
Thanks so much for letting me feature your amazing talent, Aunt Twila Lou!

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  1. Sounds like it will be a wonderful shop! What an amazing transformation--just beautiful!