Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blueberry Bliss

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I've had the pleasure getting to know a gentleman by the name of David over the years while cashiering at a local grocery store. He's one of those men who has an obvious charm about him. Always sporting an orange tie, never the same one two days in a row, with a sharp suit. Usually a cigar in tow made handsome by his wit. Seemingly a character out of a book or movie that you meet in real life. Through pleasant conversations we've gotten to know some things about each other but there always remains a cloud of mystery surrounding the fellow.

This past week I had the pleasure of visiting with him about his "famous homemade ice-cream" which took him to a whole new level in my imagination. He listed off a rather large variety of flavors that he makes and asked what I would choose. Blueberry. The next day I arrived to work to find a special little package of blueberry ice-cream that just so happened to fall on my 30th Birthday. I could hardly wait to try this "world famous homemade ice-cream" and there was not a dream dashed as I spooned into this creamy, velvety, perfectly flavored blueberry ice-cream. This man has a talent, aside from his intriguing personality: it is making good ol' fashioned ice-cream. Perfection.

Wouldn't you care to try some?

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