Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quick Tip: Easiest Doughnuts Ever

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Do you ever crave the deliciousness of a deep fried doughnut? Well, I hate to say it but I do. Today was a "cheat" day for my healthy eating kick I'm on so I tried to think of one of my favorites. This is a tip I gained from a customer that I was talking to at the grocery store I work at. I can't even remember who it was who gave me this heavenly tip but I would love to thank them, or maybe not. :)

What you need:
4 Tubes of biscuits (I bought Great Value 4 pack)
Sugar (approximately 2 cups)
Crisco or Canola Oil (For deep fryer)
Paper bag

Get the grease warmed up. I use a Fry Daddy that is as old as I am so there are no temperature settings so it's always a guessing game for me. While the grease is warming, start by popping open the cans of biscuits and allowing for them to warm up and rise slightly. I put mine on a tray on top of the oven that is just set to around 300 degrees for warmth.

Once they are slightly puffy, place 3-4 of them in the grease and watch for them to start to turn brown on the underside, then flip and wait for them to brown on the other side. I wish I could tell you the temp and the actual time but honestly I just pull one out and slice open to see if it's still doughy and then judge by that. After the first couple of doughnuts you will get the feel for it.

As soon as you pull them out of the grease place them in the brown paper bag and pour sugar over the top. Shake the bag to coat the doughnuts. My husband asked why I don't used a plastic container instead because this makes a slight mess in the kitchen. I told him it was because the paper bag absorbs the excess grease making it easier for the sugar to stick to the doughnuts. You can also slide the paper bag into a plastic bag to help catch some of the sugar that seeps out the bottom. I keep putting the doughnuts in the bag until I have made the entire batch. Keeping them in the bag together keeps them warmer longer too.

Once you are done eat them up immediately. They are not even half as good when they are cold. You will not have a problem with eating them quickly, trust me!

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  1. Wow these look yummy! Love how you put them in a mug!

  2. Yes! They are oh so yummy! This mug is one of my favorite things in my kitchen. It's actually a soup mug but I just love the color and it shows up in a bunch of my shots! :)