Friday, February 24, 2012

Pinterest Kitchen: Basic One Bowl Blondies

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It was a cheat day for me today. I figured after all the healthy recipes that I've tried recently it was time for a butter filled delicious dessert, following a couple of slices of greasy Casey's Pizza none-the-less! I scoured my Pinterest Cookies, Bars And Candy board for a late Friday night treat. I landed on a Basic Blondie pin from Foodgawker that lead me to the blog Sunny Side Up in San Diego. The recipe was super easy and super delicious!
Basic Blondie Pin
My Test Kitchen Results:
Stir in of choice was Nestle Toll House mini Semi-sweet chocolate chips. They are the best type of chip to use because the chocolate gets completely mixed throughout giving cookies and bars a more chocolaty taste. We love them at our house!

So buttery and crisp around the edges. This would be the perfect match to a dab of vanilla ice cream. I really like the recipe and will be sure to use it again!
So there is your late night snack! Enjoy. :)

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