Thursday, September 20, 2012

Homeschool Money Lesson 3: Prices and Products

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Money is everywhere around us. I choose to use this as a learning opportunity in my home. My five year old is always asking about how to spell things or write words out so I took this opportunity to combine learning words with learning numbers in real life situations. Part of learning letters, words and numbers is learning how to read and recognize in everyday life. This is an easy activity to put together to help your child learn how to read sales flyer's and associate prices with products. This also helps them learn concepts of how much every day items cost.
Lesson preparation:

Items needed:
sales paper
construction paper
glue stick
handwriting line guides
dry erase marker (one safe for kids)
Teacher preparation:
  • Find a local sales paper ad.
  • Cut out products with single word names on them with prices included. Try to find items that you normally would buy to help the child grasp the cost of items he/she uses on a daily basis.
  • Find lined printouts to give the child a guide for writing. I got mine here.
  • Glue the pictures next to the handwriting lines. (I glued to both front and back)
  • Laminate the sheets for repeated use.
I Love my new laminator I bought on Amazon and have gone kind of nuts over it! :)

Once you have your sheets laminated talk to your child about what the items are and how to say and spell the product names and prices. I had him also learn how to make dollar, period, slash, and cent symbols that are all associated with products in sales ads.

Or they can also trace over the prices and letters on the pictured items.

He loved this little activity and it can be done time and time again. It really helped in teaching him how to recognize letters when they are written in different fonts and sizes as well. This would also be a great way to make a list of your most common grocery items that you buy and have them write your list for you each week!

Grab that sales ad and get teaching!

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